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Cloud-native agility for complex
data-centric applications

The Robin Cloud Native Platform enables enterprises to deploy and manage complex, data- and network-intensive applications “as-a-service” anywhere, on-prem or in the cloud. The platform empowers your developers, DBAs, and data scientists to deploy any application pipeline from a self-service app store in minutes.

What Is Robin CNP?

Open-source Kubernetes platform optimized for running storage- and network-intensive applications

Leading telecom operators depend on Robin CNP for faster, cheaper and automated rollout 5G RAN, core and edge services.
Fortune 1000 enterprises use the platform to deploy and manage their stateful apps in minutes instead of days.
Runs anywhere – on bare-metal and VMs on-premises and edge locations, in AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM cloud and more.
Run containers and VMs on Kubernetes with a common workflow to automate all lifecycle management tasks.

Robin CNP architecture

Combining app-aware storage, virtual networking, and application workflow automation on Kubernetes.

Use cases

Highest performing
application-aware storage and
data management

Robin CNP provides high performance, application-aware storage and data management for running databases, big data, message queue, time series and other stateful applications on Kubernetes.

Solves critical day 0 and day 2 challenges associated with data and application availability, performance, resilience, security and business continuity – all natively integrated into Kubernetes and made accessible to DevOps teams without requiring them to become storage experts.

Carrier-grade advanced networking that improves NF performance

High-performance networking optimized for running low-latency and high-throughput network functions, including RAN (DU, CU and controllers), 5G Core, UPF and others. Support for policy-driven access to advanced infrastructure capabilities, like NUMA-aware with auto-discovery, SR-IOV, CPU cores, siblings, memory, FPGAs and GPUs, without requiring developers to write a single line of code.

Support for dual-mode IPv4/IPv6, source-based routing and overlay/underlay networking, connecting cross-cluster applications and legacy operations systems: OSS, BSS, monitoring and analytics, secure and easy.

Next-generation resource modeling

Easy-to-use resource declarative modeling tools that describe your resources, CPUs, memory NUMA affinity/anti-affinity, overlay/underlay networks and more. Robin tools take these modeled policies and do all of the configuration for you and then reuse them over the lifecycle of the service, automatically.

Pre-position policies for any number of edge sites, resource configurations and networking options.

CNF-containers and VNFs-VMs in the same cluster

Fully shared resources between VNF and CNFs. Fewer cloud platforms in the mix. Better resource utilization (critical for edge DCs). Far fewer operational procedures.

Service chain both CNFs and VNFs together, with complete flexibility. VMs run 30% faster than on OpenStack and other legacy platforms – this is customer-proven.

Advanced operations, monitoring and observability

Our advanced observability tool Sherlock provides complete visibility into the health of the cluster and applications within a few milliseconds. Sherlock presents an app-to-spindle view that shows the dependencies from users-> app – > pods -> persistent volumes -> disks -> hosts.

Robin application workflow management

Built-in application workflow management with one-click deployment, scaling, upgrade, snapshot, and backup of the entire application stack and pipeline. Deploy VNFs, CNFs and supporting applications in a single workflow, on-demand or triggered by a policy engine.

Improve site density, CNF-containers and VNFs-VMs in the same cluster

One cloud platform to run both CNFs and VNFs, with fully shared resources, on the same cluster. Fewer cloud platforms to install and manage, better resource utilization (critical for edge DCs) and fewer operational procedures. Service chain both CNFs and VNFs together, with complete flexibility. VMs run 30% faster on Robin CNP than on OpenStack and other legacy platforms – customer proven.

Why customers choose Robin CNP

Self-contained open-source Kubernetes platform optimized for storage- and network-intensive applications

Run stateful applications on Kubernetes
  • Highest performing storage and data management for any Kubernetes on-premises or in any cloud. Automate critical operations for databases, big data, time series and message queue services in production on Kubernetes.
Frees you from vendors' containerization roadmap and CNF/VNF operations silos
  • Common platform to run containers and VMs. Run containers and virtual machines on Kubernetes directly on bare-metal. Consistent and common lifecycle management of containers and virtual machines.
Ideal for applications at the edge
  • Deploy complex storage- and network-intensive apps to edge clusters with ease. Reduce the number of cloud platforms you need at the edge, running both VMs and containers. Run VMs 30% faster than legacy platforms. Enable scalable automation of rollout, upgrade, and auto-heal apps at edge locations, with just a small footprint.
Automate day-2 operations
  • Bring cloud agility to your bare-metal infrastructure. Centrally manage hundreds of thousands of Kubernetes clusters from edge to cloud to private data centers. Create repeatable and robust workflows to automate all network and IT operations.