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Why customers choose Robin

Deploy stateful apps on Kubernetes
  • Highest performing storage and data management for any Kubernetes on-premises or in any cloud. Automate all aspects of critical day-2 operations to run databases, big data, timeseries and message queue services in production on Kubernetes.
Deploy 4G/5G RAN and core at scale
  • Bring cloud agility to deploy 4G and 5G RAN (DU, CU-CP and CU-DP) on COTS hardware in minutes. Enable centralized orchestration of 10s of thousands of cell-sites and base-band units.
Deploy and manage apps at the edge
  • Deploy complex storage and network-intensive apps on edge clusters with ease. Enable scalable automation of rollout, upgrade, and auto-heal apps at edge locations.
Common platform to run containers and VMs
  • Run containers and virtual machines on Kubernetes directly on bare-metal. Enable consistent and common lifecycle management of containers and virtual machines.
Common data management platform for hybrid & multi-cloud
  • Consistent storage experience across different environments. Allow easy migration and portability of apps along with their data across different cloud environments.
Automate day-2 operations
  • Bring cloud agility to your bare-metal infrastructure. Centrally manage 10s of thousands of Kubernetes clusters from edge to cloud to private data centers. Create repeatable and robust workflows to automate all network and IT operations.

Robin products

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For RAN, core, MEC, OSS and BSS use cases

Kubernetes platform optimized for running RAN, core and MEC applications, with special focus on zero-touch deployment and life cycle  automation
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For databases, big data, message queues, timeseries, AI/ML use cases

Highest performing cloud-native storage stack for any Kubernetes on-premises or in any cloud with special focus on application-aware data management and operational automation
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For metal-to-service automation use cases

Highly scalable infrastructure-to-service orchestrator to manage bare-metal servers, network elements, network functions and apps across 100,000+ servers and 10,000+ clusters, and data centers and clouds
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Trusted by Fortune 1000 customers

We are trusted partners to industry-leading enterprises and telcos to deploy and manage stateful, 5G and edge applications on Kubernetes.

Critical scaling of stateful applications

Run and scale stateful applications easily

Cloud Native Storage services

Provides comprehensive data management capabilities

5G and edge services rollout

Solving critical day 0 and day 2 challenges on Kubernetes

End-to-end automation expertise

Drive efficiency and operational excellence

Proven in production

At large-scale global enterprises

For next-gen telecom operators

First in production fully containerized 5G stack with millions of subscribers

Proven efficiencies, with 40-50% lower Capex & Opex

80% reduction in deployment time – get going in minutes!

30% faster for running VNF & CNFs

For the modern enterprise

Trusted and proven platform at scale

6 Petabytes big data apps
(Largest Network Security Vendor)

5 Petabytes ELK, Kafka, 300 nodes
(5th Largest Insurance Provider)

400 production databases
(Travel Technology Company)

Why Robin?

Robin solves the challenges in automating deployment, scaling and lifecycle management of enterprise applications and 5G rollouts using the power of Kubernetes and cloud-native services.
Competitive positioning
  • Differentiated technology and 2 years' head-start over competition
Technology expertise
  • 70+ patents awarded in key areas, live production deployments
World-class team and IP
  • Experienced professionals from leading technology firms with deep domain expertise in Cloud Native, Storage, Networking, Automation, Orchestration
  • Technology collaboration with the world's leading enterprise and 5G innovators