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Robin.io named a Leader and Outperformer

By GigaOm Radar for Kubernetes Data Storage 2022

Get the highest performing storage for Kubernetes

Robin Cloud Native Storage (CNS) brings advanced data management capabilities to Kubernetes. It’s 2-3x faster than the nearest competition, and is capable of delivering bare metal performance across a range of workloads.

  • Accelerate deployment of any & all stateful apps on any Kubernetes distributions
  • Simplify day-2 operations without becoming storage experts: capacity management, performance management, data protection
  • Protect mission-critical applications with application-aware data protection
  • Best TCO of any storage solution
  • Portability app-aware multi-cloud portability

Why customers choose Robin CNS

Simple, fast, powerful
  • Robin CNS converts HDD, SSD, NVMe, DAS, SAN, and cloud drives into an enterprise-grade storage supporting block and file workloads on-premises and in the cloud.
Highest performing storage for Kubernetes
  • CNS is 2-3x faster than closest competitor delivering bare-metal performance across various workloads.
Auto-healing and data availability
  • Most advanced data reliability with rapid failover even in the event of disk, server, rack and data center faults
Protect against data loss from user errors
  • User accidentally deleted data? Or just want to see how your data looked at a prior date? CNS provides app-aware snapshots.
Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Protect against hardware and infrastructure failures by always-incremental backup and restore of entire app, not just storage.
Portability across clusters and clouds
  • Avoid lock-in by making applications portable across clusters and clouds (even across different Kubernetes distros).
Advanced scheduling and data placement
  • Most advanced support for multi-service affinity, anti-affinity, data locality, infra-aware placement policies.
Protect sensitive data in-motion and at-rest
  • Encrypt before sending data over the network and on-disk with integration with external key management systems
Avoid IO hotspotting and storage imbalance
  • Avoid imbalance in storage allocations and performance through live data rebalancing with no app downtime.

GigaOm has rated Robin Cloud Native Storage (CNS) as the undisputed Leader and Outperformer in both Storage and Data Protection categories for Kubernetes

Trusted by F500 companies to run their mission-critical stateful apps on Kubernetes

6 Petabytes big data applications

Second largest next-generation security company in the world

2.5 Petabytes ELK, Kafka, 300 nodes

Fifth largest insurance and financial services company

400 production

Largest travel, transportation and hospitality technology company


Built on strong engineering partnerships

Runs natively on


Google and Robin.io help stateful apps feel at home on Kubernetes

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