Robin Solution for Method of Procedure Management (MOPs) Pad_opactity Automate tedious manual operations across your entire network from data center to edge sites

Field-proven and deployed at tier-1 global operators

MOPs across multiple domains, IT infra, appliances, cloud platforms, applications, NFs and services
Triggered by real time events or on demand batch execution
Create integrated, repeatable and robust workflows to automate install and manage lifecycle operations
Rich monitoring and visualization tools
Scale to support hundreds of thousands of nodes
Multi-tenant with roles based access

Why you need Robin to run databases on Kubernetes

Easy to use across multiple domains

Define any step-by-step sequence for performing virtually any task. Manage the lifecycle of IT infrastructure, appliances, such as radios, sensors and networking appliances. Kick off troubleshooting tasks, automatically notify the teams or customers of outages and resolutions. Run manually, as batch jobs or triggered by a policy engine. See MDCAP in the “Products” Tab for even more cross-domain MOPs integration!

Advanced monitoring and planning tools – use it to plan auto-triggered MOPs actions

MDCAP + CNP provides deep insight into all elements: physical resources, cloud platform, NFs and services. Furthermore, it can correlate and display views across any strata from a full drilldown to a solution-wide, multi-cluster view. Perform blast radius analyses to model migration, degradation or failure scenarios from health -> site -> cluster -> service -> NF ->resources-> connectivity -> policies.

Zero-touch automation

MDCAPs resource modeling, NF onboarding and policy engine hooks not only provides notification, but enables you to proactively design and automate through network transitions.

Multitenancy and role-based access

MDCAP enables cloud hosting with shared resources, user self-service and -as-a-service applications. MDCAP is built from the ground up to be multi-tenant. There is no need to run a separate instance for every business entity. For further segregation and deployment flexibility, MDCAP has granular roles-based access that can be customized for each tenant.

Central inventory management system for all your bare metal servers

Register and manage inventory of all your bare metal servers and their individual components. Label servers and components to sort, group and filter your bare metal server fleet

Super-scalable concurrent operations

Install on single or 100s of thousands of bare metal servers without being bottlenecked. Robin’s super-scalable Metal management engine is built as a cloud-native application and leverages Robin’s Cloud Native Platform to achieve linear scalability as the number of servers increases

Customer benefits of Robin MOPs management

Multi-domain support in a single platform
  • Single pane of glass lifecycle management for your IT infrastructure, cloud platforms and services. Go beyond services and manage any number of appliances, remote sensors, controllers, video surveillance, asset tracking, smart factories, smart cities and more.
Automate IT and DevOps tasks
  • MDCAP's built-in graphical workflow studio or APIs allows you to write highly customizable workflows to automate network element management (servers, network switches, applications, etc). With built-in Redfish, REST, Netconf, GRPC, SSH, Ansible.
Automate bare-metal management in minutes
  • Automate bare-metal server management from OS, BIOS, Networking, Storage and Kubernetes installation, setup and upgrade. Do in minutes what takes days and weeks. Built-in IPXE, Image registry and highly scalable and parallel engine means you can manage 100s of thousands of bare-metal servers even in air gapped environments with ease.
Web scale architecture that scales to hundreds of thousands of elements
  • Robin MDCAP has a small footprint, but was designed for predictable scale, where you can easily scale up or scale down MDCAP instances to accommodate any solution.
Enable open, multi-vendor environment
  • Robin MDCAP enables cross domain and multi-vendor, with 1-click application onboarding and support for both VMs and containers. Dozens of pre-integrated solutions.
Gain a bird’s-eye view of your entire solution
  • Robin MDCAP enables multi-data centers and multi-clusters views. Drill down on events and notifications. Perform blast-radius analysis on application resources, Kubernetes clusters, network connectivity etc.
Agile software delivery
  • 1-click deploy complex application services across thousands of edge and cloud environments. Define an entire application service template that runs in a single edge location or across multiple edge locations. Just define compute, network and storage resource requirements, application configuration and placement constraints and let MDCAP take care of the rest.