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At Robin, we see the need for a new approach to manage the software applications and services of enterprises and telco operators. That need is driven by the speed of innovation, the proliferation of devices, new applications and big data.

We understand the burden that applications and software architecture teams struggle with in order to manage the complexity of their infrastructure because of the shortcomings of existing tools.

That’s why we built

Automating for the future

Robin empowers the world’s leading enterprises and service providers to put the power of application automation into the hands of the experts actually building, deploying and managing the life cycle of the applications. In the world we are creating, Robin manages application infrastructure so developers and IT operations can focus on higher-value work.

We accomplish this through application bundles and application pipelines, which are automated through patented infrastructure- and application- topology awareness technology that power the Robin Cloud Native Platform. Global customers, like BNP Paribas, Palo Alto Networks, Rakuten Mobile, SAP, Sabre and USAA, chose Robin to automate the application pipelines for their vital business processes.

World-Class Team and IP has assembled a team from leading global technology innovators like Cloudera, Veritas, Cisco, Nutanix, VMware and Netapp. Together, the team has been awarded more than 70+ U.S patents in the areas of application and infrastructure awareness, application orchestration and storage architecture and data management — all critical components of the innovative technology bring to market.


As an innovator in application automation for the enterprise and 5G, participates in these industry organizations: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), LF Networking and the Intel Network Builders Program. supports the Open Network Edge Service software and is a partner with Parallel Wireless for 5G service delivery. also makes its product available on the IBM RedHat Marketplace, and has achieved the Anthos Ready Storage qualification through a new program launched by Google Cloud. Learn more about’s partnership strategy here.