Robin Solution for
Bare Metal as-a-Service
Pad_opactity Webscale platform to manage baremetal servers across data centers, edge sites and cloud

Automate highly-available Kubernetes clusters
on bare-metal and public cloud

Bring cloud agility to bare metal infrastructure.
Create repeatable and robust workflows to automate install and lifecycle operations of your bare metal servers.
Discover and configure network, storage, BIOS, Firmware, FPGA s, GPUs on bare metal servers.
Super scalable – install and upgrade hundreds of thousands of bare metal systems across of edge sites.
Go from unprovisioned bare metal servers to a fully functional, production, Kubernetes cluster in minutes.
Customize and reuse data center models for edge, far-edge and core deployments of any size, on-demand for your different environments.

Why you need Robin to run databases on Kubernetes

10x faster provisioning of bare-metal servers

Automate provisioning of bare metal servers in your data center or remote edge locations. Automatic discovery of storage and network cards. Uses IPXE with Redfish integration so works with every major server vendor. Extensibility is built in to adapt to specific chassis for customized, yet automated, installations.

Zero-touch install Of OS and Kubernetes installation on remote servers

Create profiles for different operating systems and use zero-touch GUI or API triggered installation on bare metal in minutes. Install and set up entire Kubernetes clusters on remote bare metal servers.

Customized storage layouts

Robin automatically discovers storage disks (HDD, SSD and NVMe) attached to bare metal servers. Create advanced volume layouts with RAID and LVM.

Automate network configuration

Automate network configuration via profiles to configure NICs with VLANs, bonds, IP addresses. Integrated with leading DHCP and IPAM modules. Setup IPv4 or IPv6 networking.

Central inventory management system for all your bare-metal servers

Register and manage inventory of all your bare-metal servers and their individual components. Label servers and components to sort, group and filter your bare-metal server fleet.

Super-scalable concurrent operations

Install on single or 100s of thousands of bare metal servers without being bottlenecked. Robin’s super-scalable metal management engine is built as a cloud-native application and leverages Robin’s Cloud Native Platform to achieve linear scalability as the number of servers increases.

Enable open, multi-vendor environment

Supports both Intel and AMD platforms, with a number of pre-integrated HW partners. Mix and match resources across different NFs and applications.

Why customers choose Robin for RAN deployments

Ideal for applications at the edge
  • MDCAP manages not just your bare metal but the applications, NFs, cloud platforms and services that use it. Deploy complex storage- and network-intensive apps to Edge clusters with ease. Reduces the number of cloud platforms you need at the edge, running both VMs and containers. Scalable automation of rollout, upgrade, and auto heal apps at edge locations. Small footprint. Predefine reusable policies to allocate resources and connectivity to be rolled out at any site.
Deploy at scale
  • Use cloud agility to deploy 4G/5G core, MEC edge apps alongside 4G and 5G RAN, on COTS hardware. Centralized orchestration of hundreds of thousands of cell-sites and base-band units. Deploy in minutes. Scale to a million nodes.
Gain a bird’s-eye view of your entire solution
  • Robin MDCAP enables multi-data centers and multi-clusters views. Drill down on events and notifications. Perform blast-radius analysis on application resources, Kubernetes clusters, network connectivity etc.
Integrated MOPs to manage the rest of your infrastructure
  • Define any step-by-step sequence for performing virtually any task. Manage the lifecycle of physical devices, such as radios, sensors and networking appliances. Kick off troubleshooting tasks, automatically notify the teams or customers of outages and resolutions. Run manually, as batch jobs or triggered by a policy engine.
IT platform visibility and automation
  • Auto-discover, auto-deploy and auto- configure your IT resources, assess health and readiness, trigger workflows and MOPs via a policy engine.