By 2022 GigaOm Radar for Mobile Edge Solutions
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Leader and Outperformer is a platform leader in the Edge space

Boasting 75 patents, offers an application-aware scale-out storage stack and workflow management.’s patented hyperautomation technology allows MNOs to deliver 5G applications in minutes instead of days by automating provisioning and Day 2 operations.

Robin Cloud Native Platform (CNP)
Enables enterprises to deploy and manage complex, data- and network-intensive applications “as-a-service” anywhere, on-prem or in the cloud. The platform empowers your developers, DBAs, and data scientists to deploy any application pipeline from a self-service app store in minutes.

Robin Multi Data Center Automation Platform’s (MDCAP)
Hyperautomation orchestrates and manages the lifecycles for your bare-metal infra, 3rd party appliances, VNFs, CNFs, and service chains, with built-in logging, monitoring and policy engine, for closed-loop automation that is managed through a single pane of glass.

Rated Exceptional: Outstanding focus and execution against the following parameters

  • Network Service Providers and Large Enterprises markets
  • Network Service Providers and Large Enterprises markets
  • 5G Support
  • Distributed infrastructure
  • Cloud-native infrastructure
  • Low latency
  • Dynamic orchestration & management
  • Infrastructure support
  • Performance
  • Roadmap & vision
  • Openness
  • Interoperability
  • Ease of use
  • Visibility

Highlights of 2022 GigaOm Radar

GigaOm Radar for Mobile Edge Solutions

  • A platform leader in edge network infrastructure
  • Infrastructure-agnostic multicloud solutions for telco operators
  • Patented hyperautomation allows MNOs to deliver 4G/5G applications in minutes
  • Combines the benefits of bare-metal, containers, and VMs to create an application-aware scale-out storage stack
  • Enables carrier-grade networking and automation with an application-aware workflow manager
  • Simplified API-driven or point-and-click lifecycle management

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