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5G + Storage + Kubernetes =

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Hyper-converged, web-scale cloud-native Kubernetes platform running some of the most complex applications in the world

Robin’s products run business-critical data- and network-intensive workloads for some of the world’s largest enterprises and service providers.

Robin empowers the world’s leading enterprises and service providers. We put the power of application automation into the hands of the experts actually building, deploying and managing the life cycle of these applications. We manage application infrastructure so developers and IT operations can focus on higher-value work. Global customers, like BNP Paribas, Palo Alto Networks, Rakuten Mobile, SAP, Sabre and USAA, chose Robin to automate the application pipelines for their vital business processes.

Challenges in cloud-native & Kubernetes

  • 74% of tech chief financial officers say cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their business.
  • $57B will be spent on big data technology this year
  • Persistent storage is cited as the top barrier to container adoption.

For containers to be truly useful in the stateful world, robust architectures spanning the entire application IO Path for big data and databases must be within reach.

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Product showcase

Robin extends agility, efficiency and portability of Kubernetes to all applications, even complex big data, databases, AI/ML and custom apps, on any infrastructure, on-premise, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud


Robin Cloud Native Storage

Bring advanced data management capabilities to Kubernetes.

It’s 2-3x faster than competition and delivers bare-metal performance across workloads.


Robin Cloud Native Platform

Deploy and manage complex, data- and network-intensive apps “as-a-service” on-prem or in the cloud.

It empowers your IT teams to deploy any application pipeline from a self-service app store in minutes.


Robin Multi Data Center Automation Platform

Web-scale platform for metal-to-service orchestration and automation

Bring hyper-automation and agility to your hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications.

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A robust ecosystem of partners

Delivering value to end-user applications

Robin is partnering with leading global players, like Blue Arcus, Intel, KloudSpot and StorCentric to enable a transformational journey in retail business solutions. Our ecosystem of partners is delivering real-life digital solutions for enterprises & societies at large using cutting-edge AI-led, location-aware technologies.

Our joint offering with Blue Arcus, Intel, KloudSpot and StorCentric can enable unique digital use cases that could be immensely valuable to your business. Whether you’re looking at smart city services or healthcare, everything from application stacks to storage and backhaul access is available within our plug-and-play service package.

The impact: The partnership between, Blue Arcus, Intel and KloudSpot will combine the technologies needed to enable end-to-end 4G and 5G services to provide new digital applications and half time-to-market for evolving digital businesses.

Use cases:

  • Workspace optimization
  • People and asset tracking
  • Digital advertising and communication
  • Business productivity
  • Health, safety, and environment
  • Smart cities
  • Analytics & dashboards

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Meet our participants

Narasimha Subban
Head of Storage Engineering
Anirban (Oni) Chakravartti
Head of Sales

Ravi Akireddy
Founder & CEO

Naren Yanamadala
Founder & CEO

Ignacio Astilleros Díez
Global Account Director Telecommunications MEA

Vasu Madireddy
Global Director of Technical Sales Engineering

Schedule a live demo at Robin’s GITEX booth

17-21 Oct 2021
Dubai World Trade Center
Booth Number #CC2-3

What Robin can do for your business

Accelerate deployment of any stateful app on any Kubernetes
Simplify day-2 operations without becoming storage experts
Protect critical applications with application-aware data protection
Best TCO of any storage solution
App-aware multi-cloud portability