Simplify and future-proof your journey to private cloud

Live on 12 January, Time: TBD


Raj Narayanan

Director – Presales & Solution Engineering


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Clear the path to enterprise-class private cloud

A close look at the benefits of HCI with Robin and StorCentric

It takes specialized infrastructure and platform knowledge to deploy a private cloud solution that’s fully scalable and flexible. This is especially true, now that rising data center complexities are worrying operators and CSPs. Robin’s upcoming webinar discusses how CSPs stand to benefit from agility and faster time to value – the primary drivers of cloud adoption.

Key takeaways:
Robin’s upcoming webinar discusses how CSPs can:

  • Benefit from agility and faster time to value – the primary drivers of cloud adoption
  • Delivering containerized and non-containerized applications as-a-service
  • Software-defined infrastructure that can be deployed in minutes instead of hours
  • How to get a high degree of automation for lifecycle operations.

It will also discuss solutions that clear the path to enterprise-class private cloud, ideal for Kubernetes container orchestration, as well as optimizing and managing databases, big data and AI/ML applications.

Your private cloud roadmap may need a second look.

Building a scalable enterprise-grade private cloud solution takes specialized infrastructure and platform skills. At the very least, your software-defined platforms need to deliver these critical features for you to build and manage scalable solutions.

  • Unified management
  • 1-click operations
  • Data management services
  • Customizable services
  • Custom backup & DR
  • Multitenancy & self-service
  • Robust observability framework
  • Closed loop automation

Does your current infrastructure support these needs?Understand what’s missing in your private cloud roadmap.

Hyperconverged cloud-native solutions for VM-as-a-service and virtual desktops

  • Powerful solutions for data- & network-intensive workloads
  • Lower cost, faster provisioning than public cloud

Robin CNP + StorCentric Nexsan UnityTM or Nexsan E-Series

Scale and performance of Unity or E-Series meets the simplicity and agility of the Robin platform.

A revolutionary private cloud solution

Robin Cloud Native Platform

The most advanced open-source Kubernetes platform optimized for storage- and network-intensive applications

StorCentric Nexsan Unity

An enterprise-class unified storage

StorCentric Nexsan E-Series

A high-density, high-performance, highly scalable, ultra-reliable storage

What is Robin CNP?

A superior Kubernetes cloud platform that runs both containers and Virtual Machines (VM). Robin CNP is ideal for providers looking to deploy private or hybrid cloud in a secure, multi-tenant, and roles-based environment. It uses an intuitive, declarative interface, with advanced automation that reduces deployment complexity, timelines and human error.


Built to outperform incumbent cloud solutions


Provides industry-leading features and flexibility

Automate day-2 operations

Delivers unprecedented ease of use and automation

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Easy to build, deploy & manage

  • Unified management support
  • One-click operations
  • Customizable security & RBAC
  • Support for file, block and object storage
  • Built-in backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Multitenancy and self-service
  • Cost governance

Complex data center technologies simplified

  • Hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Increased data center flexibility
  • Reduced latency
  • Eliminates complexity
  • No dedicated resources
  • No need for storage arrays
  • No need for dedicated storage networks
  • Scale storage and compute independently

Product showcase

Robin extends agility, efficiency and portability of Kubernetes to all applications, even complex big data, databases, AI/ML and custom apps, on any infrastructure, on-premise, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud


Robin Cloud Native Storage

Bring advanced data management capabilities to Kubernetes.

It’s 2-3x faster than competition and delivers bare-metal performance across workloads.


Robin Cloud Native Platform

Deploy and manage complex, data- and network-intensive apps “as-a-service” on-prem or in the cloud.

It empowers your IT teams to deploy any application pipeline from a self-service app store in minutes.


Robin Multi Data Center Automation Platform

Web-scale platform for metal-to-service orchestration and automation

Bring hyper-automation and agility to your hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications.