Are Your Networks Ready for Cloud-Native 5G, Edge, IoT at Global Scale?

Are Your Networks Ready for Cloud-Native 5G, Edge, IoT at Global Scale?

Are your networks ready for Cloud-Native 5G, Edge, IoT at Global Scale?

Solution built by Intel and powers MNOs to grow networks, deploy 5G

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) around the world are facing a brave new world of bandwidth demands, device proliferation, and platform complexity:

  1. Today’s mobile devices demand an order of magnitude increase in total bandwidth available to each device. Plus, exploding global mobile data traffic is burdening current infrastructure. By 2021, global mobile data traffic is expected to be 49 exabytes monthly, seven times more than all global mobile traffic at the end of 2016.
  2. The proliferation of devices driven by the advance of IoT is extrapolating demands on existing infrastructure (i.e., many more devices on the network at any given moment).
  3. The adoption of cloud computing and 5G will compel the need for new tools for deployment, scaling and life cycle management.
  4. Because a new level of intelligence is being required from networks, there is an unprecedented need for automation to manage the complexity, availability, scale and performance of the 5G network, applications and data services.

Fortunately, technological solutions do exist to equip MNOs for this challenge. Intel and have joined forces to offer a solution that enables MNOs to add intelligence and automation to rapidly scale a robust and resilient network with the most efficient utilization of the hardware.

This solution brief from Intel and describes how the Robin platform—using Intel’s open source Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) and Intel hardware—brings the agility, scale, and portability of cloud-native architecture and hyper-automation for fast-growing networks to all 5G and mobile network applications.

MNOs are facing a future that requires an unprecedented scale of automation and delivery. With the Robin platform, they can build an application deployment automation infrastructure that works across their networks—from RAN to edge to core—one that provides both service deployment and instantiation as well as ongoing life cycle management services.

The Robin platform abstracts the underlying server, network, and storage infrastructure so that MNOs can deliver 5G services in a cloud-native, API-driven environment with point-and-click as well as closed-loop automation simplicity. Furthermore, the Robin platform automates the provisioning and day two operations so that MNOs can deliver 5G RAN, edge, and core applications in minutes instead of days.

Be prepared to take on brave new worlds. Read more in the Intel Solution Brief.

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