Commits to Join IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Ecosystem Commits to Join IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Ecosystem

IBM has just announced the new IBM Cloud for Telecommunications, an open, hybrid cloud architecture designed to accelerate business transformation with the power of edge and 5G and address the unique requirements of operators, partner ecosystems and their enterprise clients. is among the ecosystem of partners committed to join the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Ecosystem initiative to help everyone from network equipment providers, to independent software vendors (ISVs), software-as-a-service providers, and hardware partners to unlock the power of 5G and edge.

The IBM Cloud for Telecommunications is an open, hybrid cloud architecture built on IBM Cloud Satellite, currently in beta, and leverages Red Hat OpenShift to enable clients to deploy IBM Cloud services anywhere: on the cloud, on premises or at the edge, while addressing industry-specific regulatory and security requirements. Red Hat OpenShift is the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform.

Within the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Ecosystem, Robin plans to contribute its Automation Platform, which supports mobile network operators (MNOs) as they roll out next-gen 5G networks and services. Today, 5G mobile operators require new software solutions to provision network capacity, automate service delivery and reduce operating costs. With Robin’s Automation Platform, operators can achieve end-to-end automation for the deployment, scaling and lifecycle management of any data- or network-centric application – all the way from OSS/BSS to core to edge to RAN. Robin supports a variety of use cases within mobile networks, including RAN-as-a-service, Bare metal-as-a-service and ALM-as-a service.

“We are excited to collaborate with as part of the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Ecosystem, to offer telecom operators access to the best technology that can help them scale and innovate.” said Evaristus Mainsah, General Manager, Cloud, Cloud Pak and Edge Ecosystem, IBM. “The power of IBM’s Ecosystem provides clients a wide range of ways to leverage the platform, positioning them to deliver next generation 5G and Edge services; deploy and manage new cloud capabilities; and enrich relationships through AI-driven engagement.”

The IBM Cloud for Telecommunications is engineered to integrate advanced AI and automation processes at the edge and speeds services deployment while simultaneously reducing overall costs. With an open, container-based architecture managed as a service, operators and their providers will be able to easily integrate, automate and orchestrate how they run network and IT workloads across any environment. The platform leverages IBM’s industry-leading encryption capabilities like Keep Your Own Key (KYOK), giving clients full control of their data.

Learn more about how Robin provides Robin’s solutions for MNOs building out next-gen 5G networks.

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