DataStax Cassandra: Provision and Scale Out

DataStax Cassandra: Provision and Scale Out

DataStax Cassandra Provision and Scale Out

1-click, rapid, self-service Cassandra deployment with Robin Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform

  • Build elastic infrastructure that provides all resources to each application as needed
  • Create single-click clone of entire data pipeline
  • Get out-of-the-box 2-way or 3-way replication
  • Create thin clones on the fly without affecting data in production
  • Achieve data sharing pointing HDFS of one cluster to another

It is necessary to scale up or out as demand for resources spikes and then comes back to normal. Robin enables you to scale up with a single click by allocating more resources to the application. Robin enables you to scale out easily when you need to add nodes and helps you clone parts of your data when you need give data to developers and analysts for analytics, test upgrades, testing changes or for integration testing.

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