Robin Systems announces extension of Hybrid Cloud support to Microsoft Azure as well as for SAP HANA, MS-SQL, IBM DB2 & Packaged Enterprise Applications

Unique Application-Defined Infrastructure approach enables App-store experience for All Big-Data, NoSQL and RDBMS across multiple clouds

Robin’s Container-aware block storage picks up where Red Hat’s Gluster failed…

SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 6, 2018 – Robin Systems, the only container-based Application-Defined Infrastructure (ADI) software provider, today announced general availability of Robin Platform 4.0 expanding its hybrid cloud support to Microsoft Azure in addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and On-Premise installations. The new release also adds SAP HANA, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL and packaged enterprise apps to Robin’s existing support for all Big Data, NoSQL and Oracle.

Robin Platform now has the broadest support of enterprise data apps in the market, is the only solution that lets you share resources across multiple applications and users while guaranteeing performance isolation and the only solution that slashes deployment, as well as management times from days to minutes.

Our customers tell us that what excites them most about Robin is the app-store experience that lets them easily deploy, manage and consolidate all Big Data, NoSQL and databases. While there are solutions in the market that can orchestrate application clusters, Robin is the only solution that also lets them simplify application lifecycle management and consolidate with predictable QOS,” said Premal Buch, CEO of Robin  Systems. “With our latest release we now also let them migrate any enterprise data app, modern or legacy, from on-premise to cloud or between clouds.

Robin Platform is a container-based pure software solution that sits between the application and the infrastructure and enables 1-click application workflows for the user by letting the applications auto-configure storage, compute and networking across on-premise and cloud-based environments. It has REST APIs and hooks to interface with the rest of the ecosystem and requires no changes to the applications. Robin also offers a free and fully featured Community Edition (CE) of its Cloud Platform for enterprise databases, Big Data, and NoSQL. Download your copy with up to 5 nodes.

“Define once, Run anywhere” for any Enterprise Database, Big-Data & NoSQL
Enterprise applications designed for a specific on-premise or a specific cloud deployment can be hard to port since there is a strong dependency between application workflows and infrastructure. Compute, network and storage APIs vary dramatically across On-Premise, AWS and Azure infrastructure stacks. Robin’s application aware compute, network and storage layers decouple applications and infrastructure so that the applications can be easily moved around and the infrastructure can be anywhere – on-premises, in AWS or in Azure. Robin lets you 1-click extend or migrate entire application clusters across these boundaries, for any app – modern or legacy.

“We chose Robin Platform because it allowed us to simplify and automate how our analytic pipeline is managed,” said Eric Smith, USAA Chief Data and Analytics Officer. “Our Big Data infrastructure has been growing dramatically, and we needed a solution that made it easy to manage and scale these applications that was also consistent with our cloud roadmap. Robin checked all these boxes, and we have been very pleased so far with the efficiency and agility improvements achieved with their platform.”

Broadest Support for Enterprise Data Application Workflows
Many of the Big Data and databases are not easily “containerized” since they have many complex services with tight interdependencies that do not follow the classic Docker micro-service philosophy. This problem is even more severe for Enterprise Applications built before the Docker wave changed the way applications were developed and delivered. Robin has implemented unique features in networking and storage layers that let it handle all these special cases seamlessly, enabling it to boast the widest support for enterprise databases and packaged applications such as Oracle including Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), MS-SQL, IBM DB2 and SAP HANA.

“We are excited to be able to offer our S4Everyone solution in a service-oriented app-store model.  With this model, our customers will be able to maximize the return on their investments in digital transformation. Adopting the Robin Systems Platform was the perfect option for us in helping our customers transform their businesses into true digital enterprises,” said Santhosh Kumar, CTO of Intrigo Systems. We expect a 30% improvement in infrastructure cost for our customers.

QoS Guarantees and Application Lifecycle Management enabled by Application-aware Storage
Running complex distributed and clustered apps spanning many compute and storage nodes and terabytes or petabytes of data, possibly mirrored across multiple locations and in a shared infrastructure, requires a holistic application-level view, optimizing meta-data primitives across the entire application IO path. As a result pure Kubernetes with storage plug-ins that might work for simple apps is not enough for these distributed enterprise applications.

Robin’s distributed block storage has the performance to scale across petabytes of data, hundreds of nodes and thousands of volumes. Plus, it is tightly integrated with Robin’s application workflow manager to enable application-level QOS guarantees and lifecycle management. This is a strong differentiator for Robin compared to solutions that retrofit old open-source alternatives like Red Hat Gluster that were designed for a different era and different use cases. 

Robin’s Container-aware block storage picks up where Red Hat’s Gluster failed…

“We chose Robin Platform for our Big Data Analytics solution because it was the only container-based solution that met our performance and scalability needs. When you start looking at various parts of the cellular network where you need speed, reliability and redundancy, containers deliver highly flexible programmable infrastructures. The ability to guarantee QoS per micro-service or an application is an enabler of on-demand scalable virtualized environments for real-time data mining in our Data Lake. Being able to deploy a data center on demand through containers will help global MNOs to transform their networks and will greatly benefit them with the ability to process millions of real-time events per second resulting in cellular networks being more intelligent and automated,”​ said Rajesh Mishra, President and CTO, Parallel Wireless.

About Robin Systems
Robin is transforming the way enterprise applications drive the infrastructure by bringing together purposely built container-aware block storage with application-aware fabric into the cloud (private and/or public). This demonstrates unique benefits to distributed, clustered and stateful applications including Big Data and Databases. With a team that includes industry veterans from leading enterprise technology companies such as NetApp, Oracle, and Veritas, Robin seeks to disrupt the $20 billion-plus virtualization market with its container-based compute and storage platform software that delivers better performance higher consolidation and a much simpler application lifecycle management than traditional hypervisor-based virtualization. Founded in 2013, the San Jose California-based company has raised more than $27 million in venture funding from leading investors such as  Clear VenturesDN CapitalUSAA, and Hasso Plattner Ventures.


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