Clone Oracle RAC Database as a Service with Robin Platform

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Clone Oracle RAC Database as a Service with Robin Platform

We have a database application that is up and running. Now let’s take a look at how easy it is to take snapshots of that application and then subsequently perform cloning operations.

Create Snapshot

Creating a snapshot is quite easy with Robin. We have the option to provide a name for the snapshot or just use the default – which is what we’ll do here. We can look at some of the operations behind the scenes that are going to occur with respect to freezing IO and quiescing the application to maintain consistency. We will then see the newly created snapshot.

From here we have the option for restoring back to that point in time or in this case we were going to perform a thin clone operation based on that snapshot. Here we want to name the clone. It’s essentially an entirely new application stack that will be stood up as part of this operation. So we need to give it a name just as we would give the original application when it was provisioned.

Therefore, we also need to specify both the public and the private IP addresses, because again, this is a RAC database application. We could tweak the capacity for this app and we’ll just leave that the same specify the private IP address and just simply launch the operation by clicking on the clone. This takes a few minutes.

We can again take a look at some of the operations that are occurring behind the scenes with respect to deploying the application. It’s relatively quick and at this point, we can close out this window.

View Oracle RAC Clone and the original application

Now we will be presented with the new application screen as it relates to this new clone cloned app with all the related information in terms of the new nodes that have been provisioned – IP addresses etc. So then if we go back and just click on the general application screen then we can get a summary. you can see the original application and the newly cloned deployment and the snapshot on which it was based.

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