From Cloud to RAN to Core: Opening, Orchestrating & Automating a Next-Gen 5G Network

From Cloud to RAN to Core: Opening, Orchestrating & Automating a Next-Gen 5G Network

Webinar: December 1, 2020 (Register below to watch the archive)
The world is moving full steam ahead toward 5G in pursuit of new experiences, services and business models. For operators to capitalize on 5G they will need to be able to deploy a network capable of adapting to the diverse needs of a new breed of services.

To gain this agility, operators are making the move to open architectures that foster innovation, accelerate service delivery and significantly reduce costs. As 5G services begin to be deployed, the need for advanced automation capabilities across these new, virtualized networks will be critical.

To address this need, some of the world’s most innovative operators have implemented advanced solutions that provide end-to-end automation of an Open RAN 5G solution, while offering zero-touch provisioning and orchestration across tens of thousands of cell sites.

The result is a truly open solution that produces savings across several areas and significantly accelerates the time-to-market of new service offerings. By embracing the latest, cloud-native, open solutions these innovative operators are providing a shining example of the potential of the next generation mobile network.

In this session you will learn:

  • How open and automated networks are spurring service delivery innovation for 5G
  • Lessons learned from operator adoption of Open RAN for 5G
  • How automation and orchestration are playing a role in new 5G deployments
  • How vendors are enabling a Telco Cloud architecture for new 5G networks


Jim Hodges, Chief Analyst – Cloud and Security, Heavy Reading

Fernando Cerioni, VP of Product Management,

Anil Bhandari, Vice President of Product Management, Altiostar

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