Implementing Oracle Database-as-a-Service for Cloud-Like Agility

Implementing Oracle Database-as-a-Service for Cloud-Like Agility

Robin Explainer Video – Robin Hyper-converged Kubernetes Platform in Two Minutes

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Bringing Oracle and Oracle RAC to Life using Hyper-converged Kubernetes

What You Need to Know

A growing number of organizations are turning to Docker containers to help solve really big application requirements.  Among the biggest out there are those imposed by Oracle and Oracle RAC.  What if you could deploy Oracle or Oracle RAC as a stateless cloud-native workload in your environment?  Transform a complex process into one with an App Store-like experience.

Innovative enterprises are graduating to the next step – employing Kubernetes to orchestrate stateful databases and big data applications.  Don’t believe it?  See lifecycle management tasks for Oracle and Oracle RAC in action!

  • Discover the essentials that you need to know to run an Oracle database or even Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) using clustered Docker containers that are orchestrated using Kubernetes.
  • Be treated to a live demo during which you will see how various different database lifecycle management tasks can be performed with just a click of a button
  • Receive an introduction to the Robin Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform
  • Get real-world examples from enterprise customers who are deriving value by modernizing their data infrastructure using the Robin Hyper-Converged Platform

Robin Hyperconverged Kubernetes Platform

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