Red Hat Summit ‘19: A Pitstop in the Enterprise Digital Transformation Journey!

Last week the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center was bustling with the energy and passion of IT Pros from across the globe attending Red Hat Summit 2019. With 172 sessions, dedicated all-day Commons gathering and a slew of announcements, the spotlight was clearly on Red Hat OpenShift. Key announcements included:

  • Customer momentum with over 1000 Openshift customers including this year’s Red Hat Innovation Awards winners BP, Deutsche Bank, Emirates NBD, HCA Healthcare and Kohl’s.
  • Product innovation with OpenShift 4, the next generation enterprise Kubernetes platform powered by Operators, to be available next month
  • Ecosystem investments including OperatorHub embedded for Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification to deliver to customers a trusted ecosystem of enterprise applications

At the booth, we had the fantastic opportunity to interact with customers who are further along in their digital transformation journey powered by OpenShift. It was evident that

  • Customers are increasingly comfortable with Stateless applications and are now diligently shaping their plans to bring legacy apps/stateful workloads to gain the same agility, portability and efficiency benefits
  • Operators are viewed by customers as a way to automate and orchestrate complex tasks required to maintain an application across any cloud where Kubernetes runs.

Clearly, this is music to our ears since can take the guesswork out of onboarding Stateful workloads on to OpenShift! Robin Storage, by bringing advanced data management capabilities, enables customers to run enterprise-class stateful & data-intensive applications such as MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, MariaDB, Elastic, Kafka, Splunk etc. on Kubernetes platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift. In addition, the OpenShift Operator Certification provides validation for customers running Robin Storage with Red Hat OpenShift to have a seamless experience when onboarding these enterprise-class stateful workloads. The OpenShift Operator certified Robin Storage brings:

  • Application-aware storage with advanced data management capabilities to Kubernetes-native frameworks including Helm and Operators
  • Bare-metal performance for running enterprise-critical applications
    Enterprise-class data services such as inline compression, thin provisioning and data-at-rest/at-motion encryption.
  • Powerful hybrid cloud capabilities such as cloning an application using the snapshot feature and rehydrating in multiple availability zones
  • Support for rapid failover of pods to meet enhanced application SLAs

Net-net, Red Hat appears to be in the pole position when it comes to Kubernetes Platform adoption and has the opportunity to make OpenShift the platform of choice supported by a broad partner ecosystem, akin to RHEL. And we look forward to continued technology collaboration with Red Hat and engaging with OpenShift customers to turbocharge their digital transformation initiatives by powering the next phase in their Kubernetes journey. Onward!!!

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