Taming the Cassandra-Datastax Dev/Test Challenge in Production Eco Systems

Cassandra-Datastax has a huge impact on customer facing solutions at scale. However, like most technologies, it presents unique challenges that are often first felt in the development and testing of the application. Containers, Docker in particular, have become a leading tool in addressing some of those challenges. However, Docker alone does not solve all the really hard and time-consuming problems.


  • Simplified
  • Repeatable and rapid cluster deployment
  • Node placement logic
  • Cluster scaling
  • Guarantee quality of service (QoS)


  • Maintain cluster configuration during clone process
  • How to speed up the cluster cloning process
  • Space efficiency when duplicating clusters


  • Cluster snapshots in Robin
  • Point in Time capabilities using Robin
  • Role of cloning in Point in Time operations

CARY BOURGEOIS, Systems Engineer, Robin Systems

Cary has 20+ years of experience working with applications, databases and analytics. Prior to joining Robin he worked at DataStax in their field organization. Before moving to DataStax Cary worked at SAP supporting their In Memory Database(SAP HANA), Big Data Solutions and Analytic applications. Cary also has experience in the Consumer Package Goods industry having developed several commercial applications for ACNielsen.

Robin Solution – Simple Application and Data Lifecycle Management

Robin Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform  brings bare-metal-like performance, retains virtualization benefits, enables significant cost savings—all from the same management layer.
The platform transforms commodity hardware into a compute, storage, and data continuum where multiple applications can be deployed per machine to ensure the best possible hardware utilization.

Robin containerization platform provides 1 click deployment for traditional relational databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and for modern ones such as NoSQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra. DBAs, DevOps engineers or developers simply choose which database to deploy while Robin completely automates infrastructure and data provisioning, monitoring and tracking of application topology—through its lifecycle, and day 2 operations—with Robin Application-to-Spindle QoS guarantee.

Users interact with Robin entirely at the database level and provision as well as manage the underlying infrastructure transparently.

  • Get bare-metal-like performance
  • Retain virtualization benefits
  • Enable cost savings
  • Manage everything from a single management layer

NoSQL Databases – Simple Lifecycle Management & Database Consolidation

Robin Sytems on Vimeo

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